The EveryMind Team

The EveryMind Team
The EveryMind team: we bring a variety of skills and perspectives to our collaborations.

We started as a neuroscience lab, studying “intelligent systems”. But the more we probed this idea of intelligent systems, the more we wondered, “What is intelligence anyway?” and “Why do we even have a cortex?”

We chewed on these deep philosophical questions while helping build better tools for neuroscience – namely, Bonsai, a visual programming language for processing dynamic datastreams, and Neuroseeker, a micro-fabrication process for building silicon probes with recording sites all along its shaft. These tools have allowed us to run experiments with freely behaving subjects in dynamic, enriched environments and to record neural activity from many parts of the brain at the same time.

But the data we collected using these tools have overwhelmed our ability to analyze and synthesize. Digesting these datasets will require many people, not just to involve a variety of skills and perspectives, but also because the datasets are so large that we simply don’t have time to tackle them with the traditional 3 or 4 person team. Computers cannot automate our work, because currently even our most sophisticated AI cannot work faster than a human on figuring out new processes – they really only excel when the problem or task is clearly defined.

Luckily, humans excel at “just figuring out” poorly defined problems, primarily thanks to our incredible ability to find patterns. So we’ve decided to involve more humans in our neuroscience process.

Collaborate with us

Many people contribute to the work showcased on EveryMind. You can too! If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch!